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Food Hygiene Course

Purpose of The Hygiene Certificate

To gain knowledge and insight in the proper way to handle food hygienically and to understand the individuals’ own role in ensuring food safety.

Elearning – ONLINE Food Hygiene Courses

You can complete an online food hygiene course while sitting at home at your computer in around 2-3 hours. Everything can be done at your own pace and when you have the time.

Courses are available in Danish, English, Ukrainian, Italian, Farsi and Arabic.

Target Audience

Fø is approved by the Danish Food Authority (Fødevarestyrelsen) to provide training and food hygiene courses to both the certificate and foundation level.

Our online courses are targeted to people who wish to complete a professional training or refresher training in relation to food safety and hygiene.

The hygiene course is also relevant to the kitchen staff responsible for cooking, preparing, handling, processing and serving of food. The course is also aimed at staff working in school, nursing homes etc. who only occasional work in the kitchen or in preparing food.

We can provide hygiene courses in English and Arabic for those who find it difficult to speak, write or understand Danish.

Course Structure

The food hygiene course is approved by the Food Authority (Fødevarestyrelsen), and it deals with the following four main topics:

  • General microbiology, including the growth of micro-organisms, and food-borne illness.
  • Hygiene principles, including the handling, preparation of food, personal hygiene and cleaning.
  • ”Egenkontrol” Food Safety Management Systems, including critical control points and monitoring procedures.
  • Food regulations, including the function of the Food Authorities.

The food hygiene course ends with a mandatory test which you must pass in order to receive a food hygiene certificate.

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